Thursday, May 24, 2012

Knit scraps bracelet

DIY knit bracelet

Sometimes you come across an awesome DIY project that you think you can do in a minute, but you don't. It just keeps sitting in an idea file somewhere, until one day you actually get up and do it.

And then you wonder, why the hell did you not do it sooner. It is so dang cute, and easy, and you had all the supplies right there...

Well, thats the life of a crafter for you. A never ending list of awesome things to do and a very limited crafting time.
Here're the details:

Tutorial - Knit jersey Bracelet Tutorial by V& Co.
Supplies - Knit fabric scraps
Time - 5 mins to make - 10 mins to photograph
My personal touch - Added beads and chains that were removed from a too big necklace

The fabric was leftover from a Tshirt refashion, I'll show you what I made from the rest of the Tshirt tomorrow.

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