Monday, June 18, 2012

What a little girl wants?

Ice-cream Appliques
boden inspired tee

Ice cream? Actually ice-cream that never melts.
Our sweet toothed fashionista demanded this tee while flipping through the pages of Mini Boden catalog.

ice cream applique

Here's a closeup for you in case the earlier image wasn't tempting enough. It was the first time she asked me to make something for her and then accompanied me to my sewing nook and messed with my sewing supplies watched patiently while I cut and ironed the appliques. Of course! her patience ran out by the time I ironed them on the tee, so I had to sew them later after she wore it to the store and added some very realistic chocolate stains on it. Lets just say it took some creative thinking to get her out of the tee to sew around the appliques and take the pictures.

I'm loving this stage when she can tell me exactly what she wants. Hoping for many more sweet things to sew.

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